What is The Chain of Conversion?

by Steven Washer on February 14, 2012

What the heck is the “Chain of Conversion”?

We’re breaking from my videos today because I would like to send you to someone else’s. Stay tuned…
In marketing we get exposed to all sorts of crazy ideas, most of which don’t work…or do if you’re a one-armed Armenian circus clown who works with poodles. It’s all so one-off and dressed up to make it look like it will work for everyone.

That’s why I like video. Nowhere to hide. (Heh) But I digress.

There’s a fellow from Canada who’s been on my radar for several months and whose approach is a gentle shot in the arm I’m always on the lookout for. I’ve watched him come from a place of doing OK to exploding his business in just about a year. And we’ve become buddies, even though he’s been dubbed “The Freddy Krueger of Blogging.” (Honestly, I’m not sure how The Vanilla Chai Video Guy would fare going up against the Freddy Krueger of Blogging. So I’m glad he’s on my side. 🙂

Anyway, back to this chain of conversion thing. I thought maybe it was just another way of saying marketing funnel. Boy, was I wrong. Before I tell you what it is, let me introduce Danny Iny (pronounced eeny), the creator of this cool concept.

Danny is the proprietor of Firepole Marketing. They call it Marketing That Works. What he and his partner do is take you by the hand and walk you through the Chain of Conversion and other common sense ideas that remove the overwhelm brought on by too much information and not enough strategic thinking.

Such a simple benefit. And so profound.

So what’s Chain of Conversion? It refers to the scads of numbers you’ll want to categorize in terms of who actually becomes your client. So imagine the following scenario:

(from Danny’s blog)

5 sales for every 25 presentation is a 20% conversion rate.
25 presentations for every 200 prospects is a 12.5% conversion rate.
200 prospects for every 500 leads is a 40% conversion rate.
500 leads for every 1,000 strangers is a 50% conversion rate.

That’s a mass of numbers that can get really complex, right? Well, this is where Danny comes in. He shows you how to look at these numbers to simply and clearly find the best way to improve your results without killing yourself by trying to do too much or thinking in circles while not getting anywhere.

But here’s why I really, really, really want you to listen to Danny. He’s using video; effectively for the first time. And I think he deserves some encouragement. You can give it to him and get a lovely Valentine’s Day gift for your trouble. You see, Danny has just created 37 videos where he answers subscriber questions about marketing. 37 videos!

Holy smokes! The videos are remarkable for their pithiness. They’re a little rough, but he gets right to the point and that’s great, because once you start you’re not going to want to stop. It’s like opening a box of chocolates.

So why do I want you to see what Danny has to say? Because he’s got a big heart and he’s making a difference. I want you to be able to make a difference. Ipso facto I think some of what Danny is doing will rub off on you; help you get out there and use your video expertise to with his simple concepts.

Danny’s going to give us his best advice in a webinar on Thursday February 23 at 9PM EST. He does have a program opening at the end of the month, which is why all the hoopla. I want to introduce you to him because I love his uncomplicated and easy to implement approach, and I’m really excited to introduce you to him in this webinar. I’m confident you’ll have a number of little explosions of insight and that you’ll be able implement right away.

Hope to see you at the webinar.

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