Online Video Marketing – Is it Really For Me?

Regardless of what the pundits say, the democratization of video has not made it plug and play. Making video is still a craft, in the same way writing and graphics are now. But that doesn’t mean you have to farm it out either. Some exciting advances have changed the game forever and made it entirely possible for you to do this yourself, and in a way you can be proud and happy about.

But come on – can I really do this myself?

What about this craft stuff, you ask? Isn’t video just a tool to explain my products and services? Well, let me ask you: Is writing a craft you learn or a program you buy? Can great writing be done by tapping a few keys? Well, OK, I guess it can, provided you know what the keys are.

How about illustration? Can you create a beautiful design by hitting ‘Enter’? Of course not. It takes purpose and focus and skill and the right tools. Well, how about music? Surely you can compose killer tunes with the tools available today from Apple and others. Hm. You know I’m being a little facetious, right?

All of these activities take skill, a little experience and the right tools. So why would you believe that video, which combines writing, visual design and audio excellence could ever in a million years be accomplished by hitting the send button? Of course I know you don’t. And since you don’t want to bung it all up, you have the problem of implementation. So where do you start?

The Problem of Overwhelm

Sure, everyone is telling you to make a video, just make a video. But you don’t want to make just any video, do you? You want to make something that won’t embarrass you or hurt the image of your company. In fact, you know that with the amazing tools available now to get your video seen all over the world, if you do it badly, you could possibly put yourself out of business. So you’re stuck between a DVD and a hard disk. And there are just so many things it seems you have to learn. The real problem isn’t lack of knowledge, it’s overwhelm of knowledge.

So where can you go for unbiased, expert, patient instruction on all aspects of video production and marketing? Well, in fact, that’s why BrainyVideo exists.  This website is the response to that need. But there’s more to this.

Keys to Cracking the Video “Code”

It’s one thing to know the problem. It’s quite another to be able to solve it. We’ve been developing solutions for over 4 years. It’s taken that long to get a handle on teaching it in a totally unintimidating way. We are finally able to offer this to you now.

I’d like to suggest that you read the enlightening articles on this website, and then subscribe to the BrainyVideo Broadcast. We want you to become an insider. You need to come in from the cold. You need to come from a place of no knowledge to a place of great knowledge. The Broadcast will help get you there. While the Broadcast is free, it’s not a hastily put-together communication. It contains highly relevant and timely material that is designed to get you into the game and keep you there successfully.

Yes, indeed. We have a special goal for you here at We want to grow you into a highly competent producer who will create fantastic videos for your company. Is that OK with you? I hope so.

Here’s Where to Begin:

A free, powerful fast-start program!

After more than 20 years in the production business, I’ve seen just about everything that can go wrong with a video. The interesting part is that so many of these things are common to so many of these videos. Which is to say that if you know what they are, you’ll have a pretty darn good chance of avoiding the same mistakes. I recommend you read this book, and read it well. This bonus is free when you subscribe.


As Sean d’Souza, Internet Marketing expert and CEO of Psychotactics and 5000bc, says about our book, The Video Brain, “Once I read Steven’s book, I was able to take the right decisions and get the right equipment—and more importantly to set it up without tearing my hair out in frustration. Using his advice and methods, we were able to get our video productions finally off the ground. I just wish I’d had it before I made all those silly and rather expensive mistakes.”

So go grab a cup of coffee and sit back and relax in the safe zone of Click the START button below for a special article, perhaps one of the most important pieces of foundational knowledge you’ll need to start this fantastic voyage. Then, just browse to whichever topic you like from there. Remember, all these articles are free. It’s not about pitches. It’s about learning in a safe atmosphere. See you on the other side…


Steven Washer – Headmaster – BrainyVideo Academy :)

p.s. In case you missed it, this isn’t just about putting that video together. It’s about using it to turn yourself into an authority in your market. Only video gives you that power.

p.p.s. If anything on this page bugs you, would you please let us know? We give out $50 in product rewards monthly for the best bug. It just helps us keep things easy to read and easy to use. You’ll be doing yourself and everyone else a favor by doing so. Thanks much and OK, now let’s get into the articles, and don’t forget to subscribe to make sure they keep coming!

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