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There are six ebooks just on the other side of this page that will greatly help you get started:

The Video Marketing Star

The premiere primer on how to create your video persona and successfully use it on camera

The Call to Action Trio

Sales videos are often cheesy affairs. Here’s how to make yours sing instead, especially at the all-important call to action points.

How to Tell Compelling Sales Stories

Storytelling is a complex, multi-layered art form. But there is a simple formula you can use in videos to make stunning points and transfer your point of videw to your audience. This little ebook shows you how to employ this in less than 10 minutes!


Why Videos Flop, and How to Make Sure Yours Doesn’t!

From image quality to bad sound, to strange backgrounds and more, this is the all-time definitive guide to what NOT to do when making your videos.



How to Choose Smart Video Backgrounds

Backgrounds are strange creatures. They play hide and seek with the viewer and play other more important roles as well. Get this right and you look very professional. Get it wrong and your message is lost. Find out how to do it right once and for all.

The Video Share System

Getting lots of video views is bunk. Getting lots of qualified views is priceless. And the best way to get qualified views is for others to share your video. Here’s how to make that happen.

The Quick-Start Guide to Video Hardware and Software

My list of vendors I have personally used. This guide is not meant to indemnify them. However, I have found great value here, and if you do your due diligence, I’ve little doubt that you will find similar value.

The Cameras
The absolute rock-bottom budget call: (because you need good sound)
The absolute rock-bottom budget call on a good video camera with manual controls

The budget kit I endorse

Only the most important part of video 🙂 The following two items represent the minimum acceptable quality in audio for video, and they are a surprisingly good value.

Nope. You can’t start your shoot without checking that your audio isn’t just static. These are a steal.

Editing Hardware and Software

For Mac people

For PC people
You must spec this out piece by piece. Don’t leave out anything!

Editing Programs for the Mac

Editing Programs for the PC 

How to Claim Your Google Authorship ID

Wouldn’t you like to have your content Google-certified authentic? That’s the promise and the reality of having your very own Google Authorship ID. It’s astounding that more people don’t know about this. Don’t remain in the dark. We’ll show you how to get this done in just a few minutes with a free tutorial video and pdf instructions.

And a Special Class in Video Marketing Content Design

This is a one-hour webinar we recently gave for the members of Susan Harrow’s community, and was so well-received, I thought you would enjoy it as well. This class alone is worth signing up for! How would you like to know exactly how your videos should be designed to capture the imagination and attention of your ideal client? That’s what this webinar was all about. You’ll love it, I think.

Simply enter your email below for instant access to all these goodies and a special video that shows you how to captialize on all this goodness by preparing a video proposal that wins the client almost every time it’s used. Why opt in? Because if you want to make this happen, you’re going to have to make a commitment. So I’m happy to provide this tiny hurdle, just to help you test your own interest.

And if you do subscribe, you’ll be in for a real treat. Our articles and videos on doing video marketing in a constantly changing landscape are well-researched and second to none. Most people find it hard to believe that they’re free.


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