What Really Makes Your Videos Look Ugly

by Steven Washer on September 23, 2015

scared_manMy websites went down recently. Hackers took over the entire compound. Stevie was taken hostage and the bad guys were threatening to send him to military school if I didn’t hand over all the passwords.

This got me thinking about a lot of things. And it ended in a revelation I’d like to share with you.

By the way, here’s my definition of Revelation: something you know that you knew before but didn’t know you knew.

In this case, it’s why you make videos you don’t like, and why they end up failing. It may not make any sense. The script is great, the technical elements shine, your shirt tail isn’t hanging out, and yet there’s something that doesn’t sit right.

I warn you, this is heady stuff. So I think it would be good to sit down with some hot vanilla chai, turn off your beeping devices, take a deep breath, and relax into this message.

It’s on the massively fun topic of Resentment.

Woo hoo! OK, here we go…

Resentment Repels
Resentment is like a frequency that repels your customers. And you probably don’t even see it because you can still operate adequately even with it working on you.

On the other hand, if you want to attract more people, you must lose resentment. Once you do, total strangers start saying “Hi” for no apparent reason other than they see you need nothing from them.

Video is an Amplifier
Video magnifies all of you, positive or negative. So even a low level of resentment can make a pretty big difference.

We’re all Blind to the Effect
Almost no one sees themselves as resentful. That’s only natural, though it does make it harder to spot if you have some.

But the real question remains. Where does resentment even come from?

First of all, understand that even when I give you the answer, you’ll need to put it into practice by observing the resentment at work inside you.

But if you simply keep looking (maybe asking for some divine help to let you see a little bit more…) you will suddenly see something you never noticed. And that something will act like a beacon, leading you up and away from the resentment. A revelation, actually.

The “something” is a little different for everyone. That’s why you do this part of it for yourself.

OK. So here is what causes resentment in the first place: it’s your demands on life. When you don’t get those demands met, you end up with resentment.

How to think about resentment
Have you ever seen footprints on the beach? Some are light. Some reveal a heavy stride. Think of the heavy stride as the big demands you make on life. Think of the light, barely seen footprint as the mark left by someone who has learned that making demands on life makes as much sense as trying to control the tide with your anxious thoughts.

So I recommend looking at whatever level of resentment you may have remaining. It could be that just reading this has automatically banished what little you had from your life forever…

Then look at one of your older videos. And now make another video. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.


I’ll tell you how I rescued Stevie, by the way. It turns out that even if you have dozens of domains with thousands of files, hackers only attack in certain predictable ways. Once you know what they are, it’s easy to clean out the junk. In this case, it took me about 45 minutes to actually delete the offending files.

So the next time someone tells you this is too hard, just laugh and say “hey, if Stevie can do it, so can I!  Ha, ha, ha, hah!” (OK. Maybe don’t laugh insanely. 🙂

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David Midgett September 24, 2015 at 7:36 pm

This blog post is much too important to just “read”. Anyone who wishes to improve their lives must face the life killer known as resentments. Resentments slowly kill us from the inside out. When our resentments turn to hate, we are separated from the Creator and our fellow man.
Steve, your videos and blog post keep me coming back. I actually look forward to your emails, unlike most that are strictly sales pitches. The content you provide is valuable, and when you took a brief “break” due to your recent health issues, I actually found myself praying for your recovery and return. As usual, this post hit close to home!


Steve September 24, 2015 at 9:14 pm

Thanks so much for your kind words, David. This topic might be a little hard to talk about, but I’m afraid there’s more to come. 🙂


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