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by Steven Washer on March 24, 2015

woman-selfieI’m excited because it’s been a couple of weeks and I have a lot to share with you today!

OK, so in all the time you’ve known me have I ever recommended anything other than getting on camera with a liberal dose of e-motion?

I think not. And because of this you may have yet to make your first video. I get it. I really do. This is not an easy thing I’m asking of you, no matter how much you hear it can be push-button simple.

You know in your heart that’s just not quite accurate. So what can I say? Making a video is not typing out a blog post. It just isn’t. It’s a higher value medium. And that higher value comes at a cost. You know this especially if you’ve made a lot of videos.

So let’s look at this from another perspective; what you’re missing out on. Follow along with me and in just a moment you’ll have changed your beliefs about what you can do.

You’ve heard from countless experts that video converts better than anything. The figures are wildly varied; 8%, 23%, 50%, 100%, even 1000% better than text. Who knows what the real numbers are. They obviously vary from business to business.

What we know for darn sure is that if you choose video as a major way of promoting and marketing your business, you’ve chosen a powerful medium indeed. And at every point along the path of conversion, often known as the Funnel, video is likely to maximize your results by some stupid amount.

So in the Video BrainTrust we’re getting started on a quest to master the 27 videos that mark each conversion point in your Funnel. So let’s play a little thought game now called Raw Video Results. I think you’ll dig this.

For pure List-Building, there happen to be 18 videos to choose from. The beauty of it is that you can make them once and they’ll still be working for you years after you stop.

So let’s do some “back-of-the-envelope” list-building calculations.

What if each of these 18 videos gave you only one more subscriber per day than you’re getting now? That’s pretty reasonable by any stretch of the imagination.

18 subscribers x 365 days = 6,570 new subscribers per year. That’s in addition to the results you’re currently getting.

Think about it. No joint ventures, no affiliate marketing; just your videos literally transforming your market into a highly targeted source of fresh leads.

Direct Sales
Oh, but hey, we’re just getting started. That’s only list-building. Then there are 10 videos just for doing Direct Sales.

If one kind of sales video gets you x number of sales, imagine what 9 more can do. Video can bury you in customers if you aren’t prepared for the growth.

And that’s why there are another 4 videos just to promote Consumption. These help grow your customers into a merry band of followers and fans, instead of a bunch of pissed off and frustrated one-time buyers.

OK. OK. I know. 27 videos is a lot. And I don’t mean to say that you should run out and make 27 videos right now, even though we do that sometimes in just a weekend.

But over the course of a year, you could probably make the 10 basic list-building videos, then in another year make the 8 advanced versions.

I don’t know about you, but for me this is about slowly, strategically, methodically and with lots of fun and positive energy, putting video after video into the blogosphere until you are just about the only one your market can think about.

That’s what I call simplicity. More to the point, it’s living extremely well.

Your Turn
Want to learn how to make each of these 27 videos? Then join us. For the next 72 hours the Video BrainTrust will be in “open arms” mode. Anyone who wishes to get their hands on this particular training along with personal guidance, can get in for only $1 for 30 days. Then it’s $19.95 per month.

This is also an experiment. After 72 hours we’ll go back to $79/mo. Word to the wise ☺

Isn’t it worth giving up the insane struggle to find any customer at all by any “weird trick”, and instead give this sleek and roaring engine of video an honest try?

Anyway, if it helps, you have my permission to give yourself a break and try this out.

Here’s the link.

By the way, I’m teaching this system (called FunnelVision) tomorrow in our monthly member’s training. They also get the replays. Hope you join us!

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