How to get heartfelt charisma by blending Roles

by Steven Washer on August 22, 2014

Many people have been asking about the Roles since yesterday’s message.

As in: What are they? Which one am I?

I can’t describe them all here, but I thought the best thing would be to give you a different example to illustrate another extremely important concept.

To explain this let’s use another popular Role: the “Teacher”. When you see the Teacher next to the other Roles, you see how incredibly different they all are from each other and therefore how differently they land with your viewer.

That might seem obvious.

But here’s what’s not so apparent.

Every Role is designed to work with one other Role. That’s because everyone has a dominant and sub-dominant Role in life. When you match them up, your presence gets very intense and heart-felt.

Please take a gander at the Teacher:



Now compare it with the Friend:


Now imagine if you paired the Friend with the Teacher ☺.

Then check out the other 14 Roles here:

Master of Video Presence


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